Our Mission  

The Talbot Partnership encourages the community to recognize the problems and implement solutions related to substance abuse by implementing policies, promoting early intervention  programs and building a culture that favors a healthy, safe and substance abuse free community.

Our Vision  

Talbot Partnership envisions a community free from the abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs where youth and adults lead healthy, safe and  productive lives.

History of Talbot Partnership

Talbot Partnership is the only organization in Talbot County dedicated solely to mobilizing the community on issues pertaining to substance abuse prevention. The Partnership was formed in 1991, funded initially by a five-year grant from the Federal Center for Substance Abuse Prevention. 

Since its inception, Talbot Partnership has remained deeply committed to its mission through education and community advocacy. The Partnership’s long history includes programs and activities such as Guiding Good Choices, Safe Homes, drug-free workplace training, Teen Court, Youth Coalition and First Night Talbot.

Current support comes from grants from the Office of National Drug Control Policy, the State of Maryland, Talbot County Council, the towns of Easton and St. Michaels and from individual Talbot County residents and more than 90 partner organizations.

Successful advocacy initiatives include a countywide smoking ban, an overhaul of the county liquor code, reduction of liquor outlet density and a statewide Good Samaritan Law.

Board of Directors  

Don Cook, President

Aric Rosenbach, V. President

Dave Short, Treasurer

Carl Pergler, Co-Treasurer

Ivy Sherwood, Secretary

Fredia Wadley

Joe Gamble

Dave Stofa

Ted Book

Sandy Brown

Chris Callis

Jody Gunn

Ann Roach

Deandre Skinner




Jayne Fitzgerald, Executive Director


To contact Talbot Partnership staff, email info@talbotpartnership.org.


We are a 501c3 organization


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